Disney’s TRON is not Dead! Thoughts on Where This Franchise Will Go.

Disney\'s TRON logoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The good news is that Disney’s TRON franchise is not dead. Whether Flynn lives remains to be seen. As for where director Garth Davis will take this world, it’s definitely not going to be in the our reality. This up and coming talent is known for his biographical drama, Lion, and the plan is to no doubt make this film roar. The title is TRON: Ares (perhaps in reference to God of War?) in a tweet that’s been now modified.

The company scrapped plans for a proper sequel to Legacy and left the reasons undisclosed. A lot of fans thought all future possibilities have been derezzed. Thankfully, that theory is not the case. Disney World Shanghai has a Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster ride which opened in 2016–and slated for a proper debut in 2021–interest in this property is definitely not dead. It’s just delayed.

Variety reported the news yesterday, announcing Davis is going to direct this work. Deadline was first to break the news. He’s a newcomer to Hollywood and his 2016 film, Lion, certainly caught the attention of the mouse.

In what we know so far is that Jared Leto signed up to star in the film and Jesse Wigutow wrote the latest version of the script–which is still in development. The film is not green-lityet, but I suspect that what will be presented will be a complete reboot. It makes little sense to continue with where the story left off in 2010.

When Leto is best known for his villain type roles, I suspect we may get a different point of view of how life on the Game Grid is like. Perhaps we may have a tale featuring a prison break and the anti-heroes become the new saviours.

Or either virtual or augmented reality will figure into this revision. The former is not as hot as market analysts hoped, and the latter has potential since consumers are more likely to embrace a lighter technology to peer into the digital world than to be fully digitized in. Although we know the digital world exists in a closed system located at Flynn’s Arcade, perhaps it’s time it is hooked up to the Internet! We certainly need a completely modern upgrade. Although the last film featured 3D elements, it did not always leap at viewers.

A TRON film can hardly be that without Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges. A movie can be made without them, but without them lending some influence in the grid, the project just won’t feel the same. Perhaps that’s why TRON: Uprising did not work. To see either reprise their roles or lending their voice (at least) in a version 3.0 will help. Any announcement regarding their involvement will no doubt be saved last minute, when the movie is green-lit.

Author: Ed Sum

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