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Unleashing Ne Zha on March 3rd while Jiang Recovers

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Release Date:
March 3, 2020

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Fans of last year’s Chinese New Year spectacle, Ne Zha, will be in for a long wait to see part two. Jiang Ziya is delayed due to the fears of the coronavirus spreading in mainland China. Until this movie gets its proper premiere, all international screenings are also pre-empted.

At least for viewers abroad, they can take in the home video release of the film that started it all. The full review of Ne Zha can be found here and we can examine it in detail now for clues in where the second of the series in the Fengshen Cinematic Universe will go.

This release comes complete with a teaser trailer of the next film. Included are the three trailers. The film has an English and Chinese (Mandarin) audio track (in DTS and 7.1 Surround) along with English subtitles. Overall, the dub is quite good. It’s not in par with the original performances at times, but it at least conveys the humour to the tee for tykes to enjoy this film. After all, Ne Zha is a movie designed for youths first than an older crowd, especially where the humour is concerned. Plus, he’s a kid who has to learn lessons in humility and manners.



Jiang Ziya is loosely based on the classic novel Investiture of the Gods (also known as Fengshen Yanyi), one of the most beloved and familiar texts in China. As for how it all relates, Jiang is Li in the first film. Only now, he’s much older and on his own quest for status in the golden realm.

For now, all everyone can do is to pray to Buddha that China will survive the real world ailments and residents far and wide do not succumb to xenophobic fears.


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