How to Celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival Aug 15th

14 Aug

The Fake Ghost Catchers (1982)

No matter how hard the trio in Ghost Adventures tries, they will never be the Three Stooges. Anyone who knows what The Shaw Brothers represent to Chinese cinema may well scratch their heads at how kung fu and ghosts can go hand in hand. It makes for some crazy and innovative set pieces when mortals have to fight the undead!

When Bao (Hsiao Hou) quits his job as an assistant to a fake medium and is hired to aid a female ghost flee another supernatural suitor, just who is being chased by whom (in the living and the dead world) gets crazy. This other entity thinks he can still make a bride out of her in the afterlife. I liken the laughs to the antics of the Marx Brothers, but let’s just say the hilarity is more fully understood for those fluent in Cantonese (or find a subtitled version of this film). We even see some of the classic superstitions in use here, like how ghosts prefer to hide under an umbrella. Spirits shun the sunlight, and this cover is the only way they can travel during the day.

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