Top Five Comic Book Films to Look Out For in 2019

4 Jan

Avengers Endgame poster.jpgBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Not every Marvel, DC and Dark Horse movie makes this list, so instead of ten, I will pare down the list down to the essential five must see. Yes, Avengers: Endgame is on the list and enough is being said about how it will change the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lineups will no doubt change and I’m expecting a shift to the West Coast Avengers. It has to happen.

Also, my heart is with Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro‘s version of Hellboy. I will give this new version a chance, but it’s tough to let go. It’s not so much the Right Hand of Doom has quite the grip on me, but rather, I wanted to see a finale to this product. It will never see fruition like the Russian made Night Watch series never got its third film.

On this list of must-sees are:

Captain Marvel poster.jpg

Captain Marvel

March 8

Nostalgia has been a huge factor in the success of many films from 2018. Bumblebee the Movie is a shining example from last year. With this film is next, before Avengers: Endgame, more than another origin story needs to be told. Captain Marvel will be important in helping to defeat Thanos, but I bet she can not do it alone. She will have help not from the survivors of Thanos purge (when we finally flash forward to the present), but also from fellow allies.

The hope some clues (within the film or post credit) hint at how she will save the day. My bet is on her appearing with the original Guardians of the Galaxy. I believe Ayesha from the said film will appear too and outline her plans for using the soul stone and creating Adam Warlock (to which the technology has yet to be created, to create this ultimate warrior). This movie will be standalone for maybe 2/3rds of the narrative. The remaining has to lead in to the Avengers film.

Shazam! poster.jpg


April 5

I always enjoyed watching the television series from long ago; between that ancient version and Secrets of Isis, it defined part of my television watching before The Greatest American Hero came along. I get the feeling this film will take some cues from the said television show, but will take a chance on this one. Even when the Funimation shows do not stand the test of time, I require this comic book film can do more to inspire than simply entertain.

The origins are simple: Billy Baxton is a kind soul whom an ancient wizard realizes can be more. He gains the powers of the ancients–hailing to the time of Solomon–so the boy can become a man. Zachary Levi can do justice to the character. I do worry this movie will go the way of The Green Hornet but I will take a go see it no matter what approach. As enjoyable of a romp that was, I noticed adaptations of heroes from the pulp era are not as always well received, Wonder Woman notwithstanding.

Image result for Spider-Man: Far From Home poster

Spider-Man: Far From Home

July 5

No, Spidey is not venturing into jungles just yet, as the subtitle implies, I am still waiting for an adaptation of Kraven’s Last Hunt. In the years since this web-slinger has graced the silver screen, all the stories have been original works than taken from an established storyline. Batman never needed it, and nor did Spider-Man. But when Marvel Entertainment is involved, the stakes are higher. He is part of the shared universe, and no, he has not been teleported to a galaxy far, far away so Thanos can rule.

Instead, because this movie occurs after Avengers: Endgame, it’s a safe bet he somehow comes back. That kind of death has ramifications for Peter Parker. He’s no doubt on a journey so he can re-evaluate his life and decide if being a superhero is the right thing. The title is apt enough to describe the next step of his journey.

Dark Phoenix poster.jpg

Dark Phoenix

June 7

Yes, X-Men III handled the Dark Phoenix saga totally wrong, and writer/director Simon Kinberg aims to fix all of that. In an interview with Cinemablend, he promised to have a work more faithful to the comic book. While aliens are not likely to appear according to the trailer, just how Jean Grey quickly transitions from good to bad can not take place in one film. In the books, her transition was not immediate; it took at least six issues of skullduggery to create the Dark Phoenix.

Key is the involvement of the Hellfire club. If Kinberg is planning on truly being faithful to the books, the story needs to be told in two parts than one and involve some iteration of the said club. I have avoided reading about production details of what is planned because as an avid fan of this story arc, I still need some surprises to happen.

I believe this movie will end with Jean Grey becoming the Dark Phoenix proper and the sequel will see the team looking for a way to remove the force that has taken over Jean’s psyche.

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