Re-imagining the Retro for VR gaming

7 Jan

Space Harrier (Sega 1985)

To see a variation of this game in VR will no doubt be even more challenging than the original. According to Sega Nerds, Game Designer Yu Suzuki believes the idea to port this game over is a good one, but nearly two years later, no official word is made if this idea will happen or not.

To offer to players the ability to hover around instead of running (like many Zombie VR games) will make them feel like Superman. This game has the player either running on the ground or jetpacking, all while shooting down enemies! To put that into a true FPS mode (or in its original mode) can be quite the experience. Out of the games I have played from this genre, (namely Doom VR), this game at least offers a correct illusion of moving around over how other games requires the player to stare at a specific space and press a button to get there.

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