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Eerie Ed’s Top 10 Must Watch Music Videos For Halloween

eerieedBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Not every music video made in the past was designed or developed for the All Hallow’s Eve season. Some are just designed for horror film enthusiasts to enjoy and others can be listened to anytime. Some bands base their schtick around this genre, and immediately, I think of Zombina and the Skeletones. Sorry KISS, but you’re so last century. Gwar leads the pack and The Misfits follow behind.

When I want to get my spook on, I must admit I’m an 80’s child. While most of my picks come from that era, I do not think Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the best number one song representative of the season. I give that honour to his other work, Ghosts. The following is just a music video instead of the full-length production.

Stan Winston directed this work and it’s an extended music video which features three numbers instead of one. Some of the animation looks dated now, but back when it was first presented, I feel it’s a great piece to experience. It leads my list of videos as it is tailed for this All Hallow’s Eve season.

Sheena Easton “Telephone”

This song is more of a romantic pop song than horror inspired, but when I first saw this video paying homage to the Universal Studio’s Golden Age of Horror and filmed in glorious black and white, how can I not include this fond hit? The romantic style left a suitable impression on this lone wolf craving to howl at the moon.

I feel this song is what made Ms. Easton the star she still is in North America.

Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me” (1984)

I sometimes get gently creeped out when I feel a chill come about in my workroom, and hear a creak by the door. Is there someone there? This music video certainly captures that mood I sometimes feel at home. Michael Jackson lends his voice to this work, and while that is not the reason why I have constantly enjoyed the song, the fact that this song acknowledges much of where the chills happen is certainly in the Twilight Zone!

Rob Zombie “Dragula” (1998)

For visual style alone, Rob Zombie shows he’s a master. ’nuff said.

Ozzy Osbourne “Bark at the Moon”

Ozzy’s transformation makes for some fun. I always enjoy watching this video and headbanging to my introduction of heavy metal when this song and video first came out. The Lone Wolf in me approves. Although this video looks dated now, the appeal of this song has never faded away. As the moon wanes each night, I always know it will renew again at one full disc, ready to begin the cycle again.

Huey Lewis and the News “Doin’ It All for My Baby”

This music video is just too campy and how can I not laugh to Huey (as the mad Doctor) singing into a test tube? The song has nothing to do with the holiday, but the story is classic Frankenstein meets Re-Animator. It’s a song not often thought of for the Halloween season, but yet it has a Rocky Horror type of feel to it. This other product often is considered a must experience for the start of Autumn!

Men at Work “Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive”

This parody of Robert Louis Stevenson’s work gets into the heart of how many a nerd probably felt back then. Most were simply socially awkward and tried as they might fit in, to be accepted is tough. As this song states, “He believes the underdog will eventually survive.” Even during Halloween, while everyone can hide behind masks and find love for the holiday, just to explore who we are, underneath that visual exterior, still needs to be explored. Watching this video shows how even the nerds need love too.

Metallica “Enter Sandman”

The haunting melody which introduces this song is perfect to show that Neverland is waiting, and what dreamers enter is one of nightmares! The official video effectively paints a picture of what some people experience when having one. You’re tossing and turning, and glimpses into primal fears range from drowning to snakes. How can this video not be part of a scary repertoire of songs to get into the scary side of the seasonal celebration?

Queen “Innuendo”

The music video spotlights not only Queen’s musical styling but also the surrealness of the album of the same name. In what’s creepy is in how it highlights a war-torn look of the world throughout the ages. The rustic dolls and lyric commentary make this visual treat a product to think about.

Nekromantix “Horny In A Hearse”

This animated psychobilly video is a fun watch, plain and simple. It has a Betty Boop-like quality to the style and how can anyone not love zombies, skeletons and werewolves having fun in the night? This band always come to attention come this season because of their unique style. Founder and frontman Kim Nekroman play a custom-built bass guitar in the shape of a coffin, and most of their songs play with various horror themes.

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