Ed’s Top 10 Picks In Honour of Today’s Star Trek’s 50 Year Legacy

8 Sep

startrek_mainStar Trek: The Next Generation
“The Best of Both Worlds”

Ever since the Borg was introduced to the Federation by the cosmic entity known as Q, the eventuality this cyborg race will invade finally arrived. To effectively wipe out a species means they have to kidnap someone they can turn. Jean-Luc Picard’s humanity is stripped and is made into an effective aggressor. The follow-up episode, “Family” made for a fantastic look at the stress this captain faced before, during and after the fact he was converted. Sadly, to make this threat a continuous villain the Alpha quadrant has to face mellowed their ominous aggression. I found later episodes about them not as exciting. At least this two-parter hit all the right notes.


The Eugenics Wars:
The Rise & Fall of
Khan Noonien Singh

(available on Amazon))

This two-part book series creates an in-depth look at one of the greatest villains to grace this Star Trek universe. No, we’re not talking about Q. Ever since his introduction in “Space Seed” and is the antagonist in Star Trek II: The Revenge of Kahn, this enigmatic figure proves he can not be put down easily.

As with any good villain, a back story needs to be developed and this book does a great job at looking at this figure as he moves through history and plotting how to overtake several countries through subterfuge. He is one of the Children of the Chrysalis, mentally and physically superior men and women genetically engineered. His story intertwines with other figures from Star Trek lore. Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln encounters him, and there’s even a secondary plotline where James Kirk gets involved in a tale of whether or not a colony of superhumans should be allowed to join the United Federation of Planets.

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