10 Monster Movies to Haunt Christmas

24 Dec
It seems Elves don't like Videos

It seems Elves don’t like Videos.

Elves (1989)
When considering Elves hail from Germanic Folklore, to cast them as the villain in a tale that takes its cues from Hitler’s dream to have a master race reign seems only fitting. It all begins due to Kirsten’s (Julie Austin) desire to participate in a pagan ritual to not celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense. She spills a little blood, and it awakens one of these creatures from the woods who tries to continue what the Nazi’s started.

This old gem does not have a proper DVD release. It might be hiding somewhere on a video shelf at a second hand store’s VHS library. It’s worth viewing at least once to see how horror movies were made back in the 80’s. Or people can go searching YouTube for it. These elves are apparently very good at hiding!

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