10 Monster Movies to Haunt Christmas

24 Dec

Child’s Play (1988)
Aged porcelain dolls from the Victorian age have this creepy vibe when put in shadows. When placed into haunted house movies, there’s this ambience that they eerily exude no matter how beautiful they are. Ever since Poltergeist, looking at a a doll of a clown sitting silently on a chair with shadows across its face can never be treated with ease. Both the original and reboot are effective in that regard but what about those simple vinyl dolls? The success of the first Child’s Play film ands its sequels show how dangerous that can get.

Like Gremlins, Child’s Play revolves around a Christmas present gone awry. Unlike a mogwai, though, the Chucky doll does not need to be fed after midnight to turn evil. He does not even need batteries to come alive!

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