Anglicon 2016 is Getting Sontar-ized with Dan Starkey!

13 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

straxnewThe Sontaran Invasion fleet is coming to the Pacific Northwest next year, and its ambassador will be addressing the masses at Anglicon 2016! Well, that’s if Strax was still with the order. The actor behind the irrepressible character, Dan Starkey will be appearing instead; he will entertain fans with stories from behind the set, and perhaps reveal what’s next for the Paternoster Gang in the series. They defined one part of what made Matt Smith’s run in the Doctor Who series great.

He first appeared in the episode, “A Good Man Goes To War,” and he showed that not all aliens have to be about war. When considering this race is depicted as a war mongering species in “The Time Warrior” (Jon Pertwee era), a lot has developed since. Strax is a “nurse,” a radical departure from the norm. To see him partner up with Vastra and Jenny in “The Crimson Horror” showed that the Paternoster Gang is not one to get in a tiff with.


This actor has appeared on stage, film and screen in productions like CasualtyInside No. 9, and Alex the Vampire. He’s also played the hobgoblin Randal Moon in the CBBC show Wizards and Aliens. Starkey also makes occasional appearances in The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, a program which takes its inspirations from American 1930’s radio programs, complete with live effects.

Next year’s Anglicon will be fantastic for the simple reason it gives fans a taste of the classic Doctor Who series with Terry Molloy who played Davros and the new with Starkey. Red Dwarf is perfectly represented with Robert Llewellyn. When two of these guests are fine comedians, the laughs will resonate down the hall and beyond. Instead of hearing a Dalek screaming, “Exterminate!” we may hear Starkey leading the charge of “Sontar, Ha!” instead.

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