[Vancouver Fringe Festival ’15] Ed’s Nerdy Picks

9 Sep


Starstuff: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Starstuff: Per Aspera Ad Astra tells the story of astronaut Thomas Malinsky and his perilous journey to a planet far away in a one-person spaceship. Drawing from parallels between the birth of a child and space exploration, it is a wild and intimate story about leaping into territories unknown and connections lost in today’s hyperconnected world.

1895 Venables Street

Thurs, Sep 108:50 pm
Sat, Sep 12 2:45 pm
Sun, Sep 13 8:55 pm
Tues, Sep 15 5:00 pm
Sat, Sep 19 5:15 pm


Sperm Wars

Sperm Wars takes place in a brutal, futuristic, and utterly absurd universe. Sperm and eggs battle for reproductive supremacy amid stories of loss, betrayal, spaceships, sword fights, life, love, and death before birth. This outrageous physical comedy features one man, dozens of characters, a healthy dose of spandex, science fiction, and sex jokes.

1318 Cartwright Street

Sat, Sep 12 2:00 pm
Sun, Sep 13 5:00 pm
Tues, Sep 15 5:00 pm
Thurs, Sep 17 8:30 pm
Sat, Sep 19 4:50 pm

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