Date Due: The Librarians to Return by the End of Year

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Good news, fellow adventure book lovers. TNT announced today that the series The Librarians is renewed for a second season! That means there will be ten new episodes featuring Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim and John Larroquette, and these episodes will broadcast sometime in the later part of this  year.

As for how the story will continue, the team will be on their own a lot more now. Flynn (Noah Wyle) may well pursue a full-time relationship with Eve (Romijn), and the team, despite being assigned individual houses to protect, will find plenty of reasons to work together than apart. Jenkins should get more of an expanded role now that it’s been revealed he’s connected to Arthurian tradition. Camelot is gone, but that will not stop other knights or magicians from waking up to mete out their own individual goals.

Dulaque has to return. Matt Frewer masterfully played a very enigmatic version of a tragic hero who was once Lancelot. Perhaps he will ally with Morgan le Fay, and this pairing will make the conflict even more than representing twice the trouble. Since Flynn and Eve are working closer than ever now., they should be able to counter whatever nefarious plans this new season’s villainy has. But until more story details are revealed, the narrative direction is anyone’s guess.

The hope here is to continue the threads introduced in Looms of Fate. This finale episode showed how all the episodes connected. And to not continue can only be considered negligent by fans. Besides, perhaps King Arthur was a Librarian at some time too?

Author: Ed Sum

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  1. WooHoo Fantabulous family fun has returned!!! ) #JohnLarroquette #ChristianKane #LindyBooth, #JohnKim, #RebeccaRomijn,#NoahWyle all deliver phenomenal entertainment, humour and #Magic! all while teaching us a little about history! The whole crew, set designers, writers, directors….so many amazing people have created an awesome experience for the whole family. Let’s go escape reality for a while ;) On to the next chapter #LibrariansS2

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