Shout Factory! Kids Shows Love for Gerry Anderson & Upcoming Releases

26 Jan


Feb 17 – Super Sentai Zyuranger: The Complete Series

Before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ever appeared on television, there Was Super Sentai Zyuranger! Okay, the Dynamen could beat this track record, but interest in sentai (costumed heroes) did not achieve the pop culture phenomenon that it did until the dubbed and redited version, Power Rangers, hit the North American air waves. With this release, fans can see the series as it was intended.

In Japanese, the witch Bandora is all the more sinister. To see how Earth’s mightiest got recruited to take flight and fight will be hearty. And did anyone know that the mechs that’s supposed to save Earth were originally called Guardian Beasts?


March 10 –
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Complete Series

A Farscape joke can easily be made with this seventh entry into the Power Rangers franchise. When there’s a insect-slug hybrid villain by the name of Scorpius, just what he looks like is hardly sinister when compared to his namesake in the Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainmentt product.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy does take the adventure into outer space, and when the team has to protect Terra Venture, a colony ship, from extraterrestrial dangers, what happens here is an attempt to thwart everything the spider-villain and his human daughter, Trakeena, has in store.


March 10 – Fireball XL5: The Complete Series

Technically, Gerry Anderson’s look into deep space preceded Captain Scarlet and although the release order is unusual, perhaps the reason why is that Scarlet is more popular show of the two. In what’s offered, however, is definitely a love by Shout! Factory to have all his works slowly come out in due time.


  • Commentary by director Alan Pattillo on “Space City Special”
  • Commentary by voice artist David Graham on “Doomed Planet”
  • Featurette – “The Noble Art of Fireball XL5” with comic strip artist Mike Noble


March 10 – Jasper: Journey To The End Of The World

One lonely penguin is on the loose, and to see what he’ll be after in this film will have young ones delight and applaud. In a tale where he meets up with humans, not all of them will be friendly! Doctor Block has stolen some Kakapo birds eggs and Jasper is out to save them. Thankfully he meets a young Emma who may be able to help. Along with a sailor simply known as Captain, the adventure they embark in will take them on a journey upon the seven seas. Let’s just hope they won’t sail into disaster….


March 10 – Pee-wee’s Playhouse: Seasons Three, Four & Five [Special Edition]

Not everyone will be able to afford to buy the complete Pee-Wee’s Playhouse all in one go, and thankfully Shout! Factory is offering separate volume releases. The next set is scheduled just in time when the last two are probably finally viewed.

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    My Little Pony is classic. Love it.


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