Bradley Cooper in talks to be the Voice of Rocket Raccoon?

22 Aug

By Ed Sum


Guardians of the Galaxy may well be Marvel Entertainment’s next big thing. But when viewers are not all that acquainted with the hodge-podge cast of the galaxy’s greatest warriors, raccoons included, just who is going to voice this angry beaver?

First, newcomers to this series should not equate this alien being to any earth animal — even if the beaver is of a different species. The voice that may emerge out of this alien species that resembles a raccoon may well be that of Bradley Cooper.

Latino Review first reported the interest by Marvel Entertainment to cast this actor into a very chittery, vocal, role. TheWrap has confirmed that discussions are well underway to see if Cooper will get the role or not.


And as for whether or not this night time hunter will work on the big screen, early leaked trailers shows that any fears or qualms of Rocket Racoon failing has been mulched. He looks very realistic and nothing has been done by the production team to make him look more human than not. Sometimes the anthropomorphization of any animal can be wrought with concerns if the creature will succeed in a live-action cinematic world. If these humanizations of animal creatures stayed within the animated realm, then the idea is more easily accepted.

In this case, the digital creation looks like he can work. Now the big question is how well can Cooper bring this character of Rocket Raccoon to life?

When considering his works in The A-Team movie and Hangover films, where he can be charming and aggressive at the same time, the idea sounds well in hand.

In side news, according to Deadline, Vin Diesel is supposedly going to be the voice of Groot.

Source: Latino ReviewDeadline, theWrap

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