What Is It? Conan Artwork

10 Aug
James Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

By James R. Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

I don’t collect as much as I used to or perhaps I should say I collect more of one type of item rather than many. I used to collect everything from toys to comics books but these days my taste lies between the covers of hard plastic. It’s that disc centre I find so attractive, even more so when it’s brought home and added to my fair-sized library. I enjoy buying the latest titles be it movies or anime but being from a Scottish background I have the good sense to be patient and avoid new prices.

And with patience comes the rewards. I have a personal account set up at Two Thumbs Up, a video rental store. And for simply waiting a month or two I can purchase the newer titles I like at a fraction of the price. And for everything else, like a bloodhound, I sniff my way through thrift stores. But I’m careful with my money and I always try to make sure it goes to a good cause. Charitable businesses like Salvation Army, Saint Vincent de Paul and shops run by Women In Need and Silver Threads society are where I funnel my hard-earned currency.

One of my passions, and this is one where charity shops are very useful, is the acquisition of works of art involving characters from children’s literature, film and television. For one who does this I have a small collection indeed when compared to others. I have little knowledge about where these works originated from or who are the are people behind them. But over the months I hope to seek help from those more knowledgable by posting photos.

The first two drawings I’m profiling are ones I bought at a charity shop. Housed in crude frames the artworks depict characters from Conan but in a style reminiscent of 1970’s comic art (New Gods perhaps). They were being sold individually but I bought them both. I returned for days after but I couldn’t find any similar sketches marked for sale.

The originating year for both is 1988 and the artist’s name can only made out as “D. R***er”. Some of the letters are unreadable to me.




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