LEGO: Legends of Chima Animated Series to continue in September

24 Apr

ChimaSome LEGO animated properties are downright hilarious and others do not know where to fit in. With the Legends of Chima series, long time fans of animated products may well wonder about this property’s resemblance to Thundercats. In this series, several animal factions that were once at peace are now at war. Friends become enemies and sometimes the truces are not easy. The Lions, Crocodiles, Eagles, Wolves and Ravens make up some of these groups.

The first two episodes made its premiere in March, and this program shows plenty of potential of unseating LEGO’s own Ninjago. But as for when the series will go into full swing, that will not be until September ’13 in Canada at least. The LEGO representative at Fan Expo Vancouver ’13 confirmed this detail.

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