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Where Have All the Dragons Gone?

The appetite for more How to Train your Dragon (HTTYD) products is strong. Even before the end of season one of the animated series, Dragons: Riders of Berk, Ape Entertainment announced a comic book continuation of this particular saga beginning October 2012. Issue #2 was slated for December ’12 release.

Those months have come and gone with no signs or further press from the powers that be—DreamWorks or Diamond Press—about its fate. An inquiry to the comic book producer was met with no response.

Hopefully this comic book is not vaporware—a term borrowed from the computer software industry where ideas are lauded but nothing ever materializes. The television series only further developed the world of Berk, the original novels are continuing with at least two more books in the horizon, and the movie sequel is slated to play after season two ends.

A simple press release would have sufficed to say the comic book has been delayed. Diamond Press hyped up the excitement for this HTTYD product is needed, and to have nothing on shelves is a disappointment. When the only entertainment product, the How to Train Your Dragon: The Arena Spectacular, is headed to China next, and the fans in North America will have a hunger that not all the rice from Asia can even feed.

This show is leaping continent to continent like a raptor not knowing where his next meal will be. Reception for this show has been mostly positive. The only real complaints were because of cancellations in a few cities in the United States, like Salt Lake City.

Some parents have complained about how disappointed that they are since they cannot take their children to see dragons even though some cancellations came last minute. And the reasons why are speculative at best. Either the production team did not book well ahead of time to transport the dino-mechanisms via rail or there were equipment malfunctions.

Whatever the reasons are for the live action show or comic book to be delayed, moved or fixed, the wait for where the Dragons of Berk will wake next will be excruciating. Fans want to roar but all that’s being heard by the entertainment industry is more like a whisper: “They’re coming, but we can’t say when.”

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